I am working only with one concept this is to let my body speak its truth, which is the truth of the earth.
What art could tell me is the expression of the suddenness of my body or should I better say of my existence.
While working my mind acts without any aims, speaking to itself. This dialog which you may call monolog is the base figure of any dialog possible.
Names and myths are coming to my eye building a net of sense and consciouness.
When I look at the result it is like a deja vue and my thinking is a reflection of the net I experienced.
Truth does not come to us from heaven but from the body sinking to the earth.

Ausstellungen/ Exhibitions

             Sonnenrind GAZA

school:  staatl.Kunstakademie Stuttgart, Germany 

born 1962 in Germany-  the first 3 years he lived with his parents and later his first brother in Ptolemais, Saloniki and Kozani. Further grow up in the eastern Ruhrgebiet/ Dortmund.

1981-83 Architecture und sculpture at the "Techn. Univ. Braunschweig" and the "Kunstakademie Stuttgart".
- 1989 medical studies in Giessen and Berlin, degree in medicine
- 1996 working as a physican 
since 1991 working as a sculptor, 1996- 1998 lived with his family in Buenos Aires/Argentina.
M.A. in philosophy
lived near Bonn, Germany, since 2018 living in Patagonia/ Argentina
Patrick Feldmann