proportion and justice
Everybody sees that the problems of art and construction are those of proportion but seldom people realize that the mainpart of our reality
as human beings is due to this order: proportion is the key to social constructs: its forms are justice, communication and freedom.
To look for freedom and justice means to look for the adequate proportion in a social and in an individual construction. To aim at this
with arms and war means to believe in the possiblity to repair some GPS-item with an axe. This is the technical reason why there never was
or will be a "just" ( or holy) war and there is only the possibility of "justifiable war".
Art and sculpture have one intimate reason: this is- to find an adaequate proportion. The mistake of systems of proportion like the "golden ratio" is,
that -if they were right- there would be only one possible proportion. But this is the structure of Totalitarism and Totalitarism as any - Ism allways is and will be
a natural enemy of  "kairos".
Art, understood as a refinement of sensibility for the aedaquate proportion in ever changing situations, is both: an individual pursuit of  finding a
fulfillment of life, that means"kairos",  and a sozial pursuit of a just and balanced society.  Art therefore is  a  longing for truth and not in any concern
a praise of  force.

The series "Ortfindungen" are some approaches to get more
sensible on the meaning of proportion.

PF, 2008
(this text is part of HIRN-STROM and refers to the "sculpture-places ortFINDUNGEN" - ORTMARK)